Serena Williams didn’t trust Alexis Ohanian after first date, thought Reddit was not real since there was no app

Serena Williams‘ husband Alexis Ohanian reveals about hilarious meeting incident when he met the tennis legend for the first time. Alexis said since Serena did not find the Reddit app, it was very hard for her to trust the tech entrepreneur.

The pair met in Rome in 2015 where Serena had gone to participate in the Italian Open. Both of them were staying at the same hotel.

She asked me what I did,” Ohanian said in a recent conversation with Forbes. “I said I started and run this company called Reddit. She pretended like she knew of it but she didn’t. She goes to her phone and searches the app store and she’s like, ‘How do you spell it?’ and I’m like ‘R-E-D-D-I-T.’ I’m sweating because I have to try to explain to her that we don’t have an app,” Ohanian added. Also Read: Serena Williams’ Husband Alexis Ohanian Discloses Why He Got Three Armenian Carpets For Daughter Olympia

To this, Serena laughed and said: “I was like, I haven’t heard of it. And there’s no app. It mustn’t be real,” Serena said.

Ohanian co-founded the Reddit app back in 2005 and sold it to Conde Nast for $10 million. He later became the executive chairman in 2014 but the company launched its app in April 2016. Also Read: Why Bjorn Borg Left Felicitation Ceremony Due To CM Bommai’s Late Arrival?

Alexis Ohanian proposed to Serena Williams in 2016 with $50M in crypto profits

A year later on December 16, Alexis Ohanian proposed to Serena Williams at the same hotel in Rome. They welcomed their first daughter, Olympia, on September 1, 2017. That same year in November, they walked down the aisle together.

In that same interview with Forbes, Alexis revealed that he used a portion of his crypto profits to buy Serena a 17-carat engagement ring worth $3 million to propose to the 23-time Grand Slam champion.

He earned $50 million through an early investment in Coinbase. He invested $15, 000 to buy 50,000 ether. In today’s time, one ether costs about $1,651. Also Read: Novak Djokovic Looks Forward To Playing In US Despite Being Unvaccinated

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