Natalia Bryant Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, Cars, Houses, Properties, Etc.

Natalia Bryant, daughter of late Kobe Bryant, the Lakers legend, is a model in her own right . She has signed as IMG models. Natalia has graduated from Sage Hill High School, and planning to attend the University of Southern California.
She is the first born of Kobe. Even though it is talk of the town that Kobe Bryant had an estimated net worth of 600 million dollars. Furthermore, we will look at Natalia Bryant Net Worth 2023 along with her salary, Endorsements, Cars, House and Properties.

Natalia Bryant Net Worth 2023

There is not exact information about her exact Net Worth of Natalia. His late father, the NBA legend, Kobe Bryant, earned around 328 million dollars during his time in the NBA, and 350 million dollars in brand deals, putting his net worth at around 600 million dollars.
However, Natalia’s net worth is at least around 6 million dollars, given the 10% inheritance of Kobe’s wealth.

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Natalia bryant Salary

Natalia’s salary is not known, given she has just completed High School and is about to attend University.

Natalia bryant Endorsements

Natalia Bryant has a modeling endorsement deals with IMG models. The valuation of the deal has not made pubic.

Natalia bryant Cars Collection

There is no information about Cars Collection Of Natalia available. Even Though His Father had seen to have accumulated a sparkly car collection, ranging from Lamborghini Murcielago to Ferrari F430, post his retirement from NBA. In Addition, Kobe’s Chevrolet Impala had put in auction recently. Kobe’s wife had gifted that car to Kobe as Christmas present.

natalia bryant House and Properties

Natalia Bryant has notbany houses an properties of her own as per the information. She lives in Vanessa Bryant’s property in Newport.

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FAQ about Natalia bryant Net worth and Money

Q: What is net worth of Natalia Bryant?
Ans: Natalia’s net worth is 6 million dollars as per the estimation, as a portion of the wealth she inherited from Kobe Bryant.

Q: What is Salary of Natalia Bryant?
Ans: Natalia’s salary is not yet available publically.

Q: Which companies endorsed Natalia Bryant?
Ans: She is tied up with IMG modeling agency

Q: What is the value of Natalia Bryant house?
Ans: She currently does not have a house or property of her own.

Q: What are the luxury cars & bikes Natalia Bryant owns?
Ans: There is no information disclosed regarding Natalia’s luxury cars or bikes.

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