Jeffrey Jordan Net Worth 2023, Salary, Endorsements, cars, House and Properties, etc

Jeffrey Jordan, the oldest son of retired NBA legend Michael Jordan, is the co-founder of the Heir Jordan, a philanthropic foundation that runs along with his brother Marcus Jordan. He also has represented the University f Illinois and the University of Central Florida. Here we are going to talk about Jeffrey Jordan Net Worth in 2023 along with his Salary, Endorsements, cars, House and Properties.

Jeffrey Jordan Net Worth 2023

Jeffrey Jordan’s net worth s estimated to be at 24 million dollars as of 2023. He is a businessman, philanthropist and a former basketball player. Even though he did not follow in his father Michael Jordan’s footsteps, he co-founded a consulting firm located in Chicago, known as Jordan Avakian Group. He also works for Nike in the department of digital innovation. Jordan also owns a steak house in Ilani, Ridgefield.

Jeffrey Jordan Salary

Jeffrey Jordan reportedly makes 0.5 million dollars per annum as his salary. He is seemingly content in his business career, as he hopes to make the most out of it.

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Jeffrey Jordan Endorsements

Apart from working in Nike in some capacity, it is not in public if Jeffrey Jordan has any endorsement deals as of now.

Jeffrey Jordan Car Collections

Jeffrey Jordan doesn’t own any car collection to himself as of now. However, his father Michael Jordan, whose wealth surpasses a billion dollar, has a flashy spectacle of car collection, including big names like Chevrolette Corvette C4, Porsche 930 Turbo Cabriolet and Toyota Land Cruiser J80.

Jeffrey Jordan House And Properties

Jeffrey Jordan does not have any house and property. However, he is set to inherit his father Michael Jordan’s 5000 square meter property located in Highland Park. A lush estate, an enviable house and property, the home even has a lake and an entrance avenue that is wide as any other metropolitan roads. It was built from scratch in 1991 and has been shaped to the taste of Michael Jordan.

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FAQ about Jeffrey Jordan Net Worth And Money

Q. What is the net worth of Jeffrey Jordan?

Ans: Jeffrey Jordan has a net worth of 24 million dollars.

Q. What is the Salary of Jeffrey Jordan?

Ans: Jeffrey Jordan is estimated to be earning an estimated salary of 0.5 million dollars.

Q. Which companies endorsed Jeffrey Jordan?

Ans: There is no information as to if Jeffery Jordan endorsed any company.

Q. What is the value of Jeffrey Jordan’s house?

Ans: Jeffrey Jordan does not have any house to his name. However, his paternal property is estimated at around a 29million dollars.

Q. What are the luxury cars & bikes Jeffrey Jordan owns?

Ans: There is no information as to if Jeffrey Jordan owns any car or bike.

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