Hair and nutrition: What do you think is the relationship between the two?

A general look

Today, because of the hectic and often stressed pace of life we lead and the non-regulated diet, a lot people do not consume adequate amounts of the nutrients (minerals or vitamins) which are essential.

Hair, in fact, is an important mirror to reflect the health and wellbeing of an individual. Hair, in reality when it is affected by vitamin deficiencies, becomes fragile and brittle, and often can fall out. A poor lifestyle can affect the health of hair:

– Smoking

A high level of alcohol consumption

– Drinking excessive quantities of coffee

– Regular use of drugs and antibiotics.


– Stress

Any other factors that don’t aid in the absorption of vitamins in our bodies.

Let’s be more specific.

The most scientifically-based word that defines the term “common hair loss” is androgenetic and is the primary reason for the gradual loss of hair.

In the period of time, it affects approximately 80percent of the male population, and 50 percent of the female population and is to be, if it stays inside certain boundaries, to be a medical condition.

The cause is attributable to two reasons such as the genetic predisposition that causes hair bulb growth to go through an “involution” (the stages of growth of hair are reversed, growing phase diminished to make way for the resting phase, which precedes the autumn) and the presence of androgenic hormones , typically male.

Androgenetic alopecia is not to be taken in conjunction as alopecia areata. It is a long-lasting and inflammatory condition usually of an auto-immune type, that affects hair follicles on the scalp and other parts on the body. It’s typically characterized by sudden loss of hair in tiny areas. Alopecia areata affects approximately 2percent of the world’s population and has the exact prevalence in females and males.


In this kind of alopecia this is due to the system of immune defense which attacks hair follicles. However, most of the time this is triggered by other triggers that are that are not genetic, like emotional stressors and malnutrition. They can also cause severe deficiencies of vitamins and other nutritional ingredients.

What is the connection between diet and the health of your hair?

There is a significant relationship between food choices and the overall health that our hair is in, it is possible to quickly identify the elements to incorporate that are vital when it comes to losing hair or weakening and are even necessary for maintaining the healthy condition of our hair.


All antioxidants are essential components that counteract the aging process of cells, heal damaged tissues, and remove excessive free radicals. Of these, vitamin C is a key ingredient that promotes blood flow to scalp and speeds up the growth of hair Vitamin E is yet another potent antioxidant that can increase the oxygenation of cells and maintain overall health.

Vitamin C is present within citrus fruit, as well as acerola, and green leafy vegetables, and vitamin E is found in a variety of vegetables, dried fruits like walnuts and almonds.


The importance of this vitamin lies in the fact that it can help strengthen the immune system as well as prevent the aging process of cells, and it can be beneficial to hair. The deficiency may be related with the appearance of dandruff as well as dryness of the hair, which can cause irritation.

Vitamin A is found in broccoli, carrots, and pumpkin.


However an insufficient amount of these kinds of elements can result in gritty hair. A great source of vitamin B is eggs, beans, some whole grains, as well as a variety of vegetables.


As we mentioned earlier as one of the reasons for the appearance of baldness the cause is stress. It is therefore crucial to be aware of this issue, possibly trying to regulate the levels of hormones that are elevated when we’re under stress, are elevated more leading to major changes on the metabolic and biochemical level. Extracts from certain plants, also known as adaptogenic may prove to be a beneficial help from this point of perspective.


It is crucial to live an appropriate and healthy life style as well as fitness and diet to ensure that we keep our hair in good shape. When necessary, it’s important to control the integration of the substances that we don’t consume sufficient in our diets in balanced and proportioned supplements.


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