Golden State Warriors Players Salaries for 2022-23 NBA Season

Who else but the defending champions themselves. Golden State Warriors would be looking forward to restoring what became rightfully theirs, the last season. And with the duo of Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson, it looks pretty favorable for them. For a champion team like Golden State Warriors, let’s take a look at how the salary cap appears for this season.

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Golden State Warriors Players Salaries for 2022-23 NBA Season

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson along with Draymond Green delivered unmatched performances in the last season. However, the underrated ones like Andrew Wiggins and Jordan Poole outshined many to pitch in their invaluable support in the overall win. And that’s why they’ve landed in the top 10 of the Warriors’ salary cap.

With the Golden State Warriors’ total salary cap touching $196,043,912, they’ve made Curry the highest-paid player for this season. Out of the team’s total of over $196 million, Curry and Klay Thompson have claimed over $80 million. And with Andrew Wiggins and Draymond Green next in line, the four of them cover $145 million out of the total sum. Let’s take a look at the salary breakdown of the top 10 in the Warriors roster for this season.

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Stephen Curry – $48,070,014

Curry has a 4 year contract with the Warriors that he signed in 2022. The deal is worth $215,353,664, fully guaranteed and with an annual average salary of $53,838,416.

Klay Thompson – $40,600,080

Thompson signed a 5 year contract with the Warriors in 2019 worth $189,903,600. His salary for this season stands at over $40 million, par to the average annual salary of $37,980,720.

Andrew Wiggins – $33,616,770

Wiggins has a 5 year deal going on that he signed in 2018 with Minnesota Timberwolves worth $147,710,050. Warriors salary for him is in-sync with the annual average salary of $29,542,010 according to his 2018 contract.

Draymond Green – $25, 806, 469

Green signed a four-year contract in 2020 worth $99,666,362. And his annual averags salary is calculated to be $24,916,591.

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James Wiseman – $9,603,360

The Warriors picked Wiseman in the 2020 Drafts. His 5 year rookie contract with the team is worth $39,619,840 in total. With an average annual salary roughly around $9,904,960.

Kevon Looney – $7,000,000

Looney recently signed a 3 year contract with the team which is worth $22,500,000. Out of which, $17,500,000 are guaranteed with an annual average salary of $7,500,000.

Jonathan Kuminga – $5,739,840

Picked in 2021, Kuminga has 4 year rookie contract going on with Warriors. The deal is worth $24,855,347 offering an annual average salary of $6,213,837.

Donte DiVincenzo – $4,500,000

DiVincenzo signed a 2 year contract with the Warriors in 2022 worth $9,225,000. The fully guaranteed sum offers an average annual salary of $4,612,500 to him.

Jordan Poole – $3,901,399

Poole’s current salary is according to the 4 year contract he signed with the team in 2019. The contract quoted the total worth $10,090,879. And his annual averags salary as $2,522,720.

Moses Moody – $3,740,160

Moody’s in the team as per the 2021 Drafts where the warriors picked him. And offered a 4 year rookie contract worth $17,024,109 with an annual average salary of $4,256,027.

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