Enlarged Liver Symptoms, Causes and Diet, What to Eat

Let’s see together what are the symptoms of Enlarged Liver, causes and diet to follow to know what to eat! An enlarged liver is technically called “hepatomegaly” and is itself a symptom of a pre-existing liver disease in most cases. The causes or symptoms of hepatomegaly enlarged liver are different, we have listed them, finally here is what to eat when the liver becomes enlarged and swollen.

Let’s find out what are the symptoms of enlarged liver or hepatomegaly

What are the symptoms of enlarged liver? The symptoms of hepatomegaly, i.e. enlarged liver, depend on the disease that caused it or if it appears as the main symptom it is accompanied by; feeling of fullness or abdominal discomfort.


Depending on the pathology and the degree of impairment of liver function that affects the liver, symptoms vary. Here are the symptoms most commonly associated with a swollen liver (which in the end is also a symptom):


Nausea and vomiting.

Symptoms of cirrhosis and portal hypertension: gastroesophageal bleeding, ascites, liver failure.

Diarrhea or constipation, with pale stools.

Abdominal distension.

Symptoms of cholestasis: jaundice, itching, dark urine, pale stools.

These were the symptoms related to enlarged liver.

Diet for enlarged liver: here’s what to eat

Diet for Enlarged Liver – What to eat when you suffer from hepatomegaly? We actually talked to you about this just last night in our detox diet article. We specified the foods to avoid and the foods and drinks to prefer when following a detox diet for enlarged liver.

Anyway, it is good to avoid excesses and not to overload the liver with unnecessary drugs and abuse of junk food and alcohol. Avoiding supplements and supplements help lighten the load of “work” of the liver, which must metabolize the food and drinks we ingest. Drink lots of water!

What are the causes of enlarged liver:

But what is the cause of enlarged liver? Causes of hepatomegaly include pre-existing liver disease (hepatopathy), neoplasia, or heart failure. Among the causes of liver we can identify:

Steatosis and alcoholic/non-alcoholic steatohepatitis.

Liver Cirrhosis.

Viral or toxic hepatitis.


Wilson’s syndrome.


Gaucher Syndrome.

Hepatic cysts, adenomas and angiomas.


Hepatomegaly from heart failure and blood flow obstruction.

Hepatomegaly from neoplasms.

Excessive intake of: alcohol, vitamins, supplements or phytoelements.

The liver has the function of metabolizing many molecules, if it is overloaded it becomes enlarged and its function is compromised.




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