Coconut oil and coconut flour: Frying The pros and pros and

Coconut oil and coconut flour to make a delicious fried dish.

The benefits of coconut oil for making a fry or for any other kind process of heating is evident because it has a very extremely high “smoke temperature”. The limit for coconut vegetable fats is greater than 200 ° Celsius. The conventional method of heating meals to these temperatures is not done, so there isn’t any release of toxic chemicals such as aldehydes.

When we consider all the beneficial properties in coconut oil we are able to discern a few advantages of using it:

It’s economical to make use of.

It does not make spatters in the event of heat.

Does not develop the rancid taste that develops over time.

Keeps its beneficial qualities even when temperatures are high.

Enhances the flavor of familiar foods nutrients.

One of the biggest benefits for coconut oil is that it is able to be used for up to 7-8 times in the deep fryer. In terms of the drawbacks of making use of coconut oil just the particular intolerance of the item should be considered. The large amount of oil may cause the re-induction of extra weight.

How do you make use of coconut oil?

When cooking coconut oil is the best to cook with:



Beef, pork, lamb.

All kinds of vegetables.

Pancakes, fritters and cheesecakes.

In baking baked products, coconut oil could completely replace margarine or butter. It is also used to spread on sandwiches.

Coconut oil imparts a distinct taste and aroma to common foods when fried or stewing. It is a great ingredient to flavor salads of vegetables and to butter meat prior to cooking in ovens. It is crucial to keep in mind it is perfect for warm and hot dishes. This way, it maintains its liquid consistency, and also gives the most delicious notes of flavor to the maximum.

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How do you keep coconut oil in a safe place?

To ensure that the edible coconut oil keeps all its benefits Store your coconut oil in the fridge. If it’s not feasible to place the item inside the frig, you can try to limit the temperature to no more than 20 degrees Celsius.

For coconut oil for cosmetic use, it is best to use the bathroom. If you want a thicker consistency, simply put the container of coconut oil in the fridge. The thickened oil is ideal to make cream.

How do you make coconut oil?

How do you make coconut?

It is possible to make coconut oil at your home. The most important thing is to adhere to the following guidelines:

Pick a full coconut free of evidence of mold or damage.

Shake the nut until you hear the sound of milk.

Make a hole in the coconut milk and take out from the coconut milk.

Cover the coconut with a towel. coconut before smashing it with an Hammer.

Remove the pulp from the nut and grind it with a grater or the aid of a blender.

The resultant mass of the hot (not boiling) water.

Smash the coconut shavings using an potato mashing.

Once the water has cool and the resultant mass is then filtered through a gauze filter or a sieve into glass containers.

The container is then placed in the fridge for between 8 and 10 hours. The oil will increase above the level of water.

The oil that results is extracted and then transferred to an appropriate container to use.

To get a cleaner product The oil is then re-melted and then strained.

The potential harms that could result from coconut oil

Coconut oil is distinctive in that it has practically no side negative effects. If you adhere to the recommended dosage – not over 4 teaspoons per day , your body will not be affected.

The consumption of coconut oil is not recommended for those who suffer from individual intolerance as well as gallbladder and pancreatic diseases. The plant fats may act as triggers for the exacerbation of chronic diseases.

How can I purchase coconut oil?

Coconut oil for cosmetic use is sold in specialty stores as well as pharmacy chains. It is essential to remember that coconut oil is only used for external use. When it comes to food, select coconut oil that is cold-pressed. It is sold in grocery stores and health food shops.


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