Coconut oil: advantages and dangers

Coconut oil, the advantages and drawbacks of which haven’t yet been studied to their fullest extent is a unique ingredient in the cosmetics industry. When used in the right way it can reduce the first signs of ageing as well as maintain the balance of moisture and reduce hair breakage and cuts. The above results can only be achieved through strict compliance with the guidelines, and even in this instance there is a chance that the issues may not be achieved in totality as individual intolerance is not exempt from. According to reports, not all women are able to achieve the desired result however, due to the variety of effects and the possibility of applying it on various parts that comprise the body every person can find something for them. Coconut oil can be (in moderate quantities) the best method to regulate metabolism, it is also a source of saturated fats and sunscreen. It also acts as a lip balm as well as lip balm, conditioner for strands and more. For more information about the benefits of the product, refer to the information below.

A brief introduction to the history

In what part of the globe is considered to be the home of coconut palm from which the healing oil is extracted at present, there is just speculation. According to theories it’s Malaysia and its role in the spread of the plant throughout the globe is thought to be attributed by archaeologists to navigator Marco Polo, who first described the fruit. The events go back to the seventies until the nineties of the 13th century. When sweet kernels were introduced to India and the Indian populace began to make medical oil, not right away, but only 100 years later, the process which is still in use until today.

What exactly is it?

The coconut oil can be described as a food item that is derived from plants, and is derived from the fruits of coconut palm. The plant is found in humid climates in Thailand, India, Indonesia and other countries, and the oil comes from these countries and is imported as a finished product. It is also prepared at home using coconuts, that are found on the shelves of the retail chains across the world.

It is produced by taking the pulp from the fruit, then purifying, filtering, and settling until the two layers – fat/liquid which are separated. Then, separated from the top, fatty portion from the lower, fatty part. This method, referred to as cold-pressing, is employed by hand as well as hot-pressing, which results in the loss of some important substances and, in turn valuable properties. Refining is a further purification by which the distinctive taste of nuts goes away. Today, you can purchase products made using all of these methods as well as other methods.

How can coconut oil be described either liquid or solid?

To answer this query, it’s essential to know the nature of the product. The classification is based on the purpose of usage:



To enhance the appearance of your skin For cosmetic purposes, they are manufactured:

Butters – made by crushing the pulp inside the kernel, don’t melt when heated, and are pleasant in scent and flavor;

Liquid, fractional oils hot-pressing technology, without flavor or color, they do not become thicker as the temperature decreases.

Food preparation:

Refined – absence of flavor and color, a small loss of beneficial properties because of refining, suitable for frying

Unrefined is a product that is obtained through cold pressing of crushed pulp. It is odorous and flavor, the color is white, and the consistency is thickand when heated, it loses its thickness and, sometimes, shades (coconut oil that is extra-virgin).

Based on the information presented, the conclusion is that within pharmacies or retail chains there is an extremely solid, thick product called butters. There is also liquid that does not harden – fractional, also solid, that turns liquid upon heating. When purchasing, take note of the type of oil – edibleor cosmetic, or edible – and don’t consume any product that is not intended for use outside.

Coconut oil chemical composition

If you’re asking about benefits, it’s important to know that the primary effect of the product is determined by the presence or absence of certain components, and also the mixture of various elements. Therefore, the discussion on the positive outcomes should begin by knowing what the product is made up of.

Based on the information provided on the constituents and their proportions it is evident that, in out of fats too, the mix contains B vitamins, minerals and tocopherol. Tocopherol is a powerful antioxidant and normalizes the urogenital systems (when it is taken in a pill) and is frequently used in products for grooming in the industrial sector due to its capability to stop the creation of free radicals and thus, to keep youthfulness.

Beta-sitosterol in the body fights the natural human cholesterol and decreases its level, which means that the negative impact from saturated fatty acids are reduced. It can soothe the epidermis and reduces inflammation, and so coconut oil is a good choice to treat diaper rash in infants.

Saturated fats are a major source of satiety. Due to their natural nature, they do not build up in the body. They contain antimicrobial qualities, but the excess of them can result in an elevation in level of cholesterol that is undesirable in blood. When used to enhance the appearance of your skin, it is important to know that these compounds produce a protective film-shell that shields the dermis from the harmful influences of the environment and it seals in the amount of moisture , so it is best applied to the epidermis that is moistened.

Monounsaturated acid is a essential to the human nervous system. They aid in absorbance of nutrients through the dermis through their affinity with the lipid layer and when combined with polyunsaturated fats slow the process of aging.

Coconut oil: Benefits

Beginning to talk about the positive results It is worthwhile to consider the methods of application:



Injecting intravenous fluids is not prohibited in the case of digestive tract diseases and, in fact aids in normalizing the digestion processes, which are crucial for people who want to shed excess weight. External use is available across the body, therefore we can speak of versatility as the benefits are demonstrated by the following results:




Protective (harmful effects of the most powerful ultraviolet);





The scope of the effects isn’t restricted to the types mentioned above of effects. We have only listed the most prominent ones. It is worthwhile to think about the worth of the product for various types of individuals.

Coconut oil has many advantages for women

For the sex that is weaker The product comes with a variety of applicationsranging from grooming to the heels of the feet, to using internally to ease fatigue. It is important to note this chemical formula has phytosterols that normalize the hormonal background and when applied externally, can have an anti-inflammatory effect.

Coconut oil to help with hair Benefits

In this particular case the large amount in saturated fatty acids limit the application:

is not advised on oily hair strands.

Mono-forms can be used with the length only without affecting the root zone.

The features that the product has warrant special attention because it is reported that there is no exclusion of individuals who have intolerance. It is important to note that healthy hair shafts of the product are likely to provide sparkle and luster, and protect against damage caused by a hair dryer, and prevent breakage due to UV rays, however damaged hair can cause appear more dry and over-dry. The reason is because hair shafts are composed of scales which can be damaged through adverse impacts (heat drying, blow-drying or poor treatment) and may be degraded in their shine. The tools available today can smooth them out, however to rebuild the damaged structure permanently isn’t feasible even with costly treatments for salons, since at present, there’s no substitute for human collagen.

Because coconut oil can lead to the development of an epidermis-like film of the head, and then requires the use of shampoo scrubs, it’s ineffective for massaging roots, and therefore does not impact the rate of regrowth. In this situation it is recommended to explore other methods for massaging the roots, like burdock oil.

Coconut oil’s benefits for eyelashes

This product also has an special use:

The effects on the rate of growth of lashes.

A more attractive appearance.

To achieve this it’s enough to apply heated oil (it must be liquid upon heating and not a butter) to the specific areas that make up the face (eyebrows and eyelashes) and avoid getting into the eye organs that control vision. It is not recommended to keep it on for the entire night. At most, you could keep it on for an hour or, better still just fifteen minutes.

Coconut oil to treat the face The benefits of coconut oil for the face

For this area of our body it’s recommended to apply the cream or masks because the effect it has in its purest form is a bit elusive: saturated acids form the appearance of a film, which can “seal” pores and cause the development of comedones and acne.

If the pure formulation is only suitable for older age and for dry skin types It is possible to add several components can help the sufferers who have oily, normal, and combination skin types, as the oil fatty components enhance the penetration of all the compounds needed for a healthy and beautiful appearance the layers beneath the dermis.

Coconut oil is a great source of tanning

You can read a variety of positive reviews on the internet from people who have tried this ingredient in a mono-variant form as a sunscreen. The excellent rating proves the credibility of the buyers and scientists have found that the product blocks up to 80percent of direct light and sets the UV-filtering percentage (SPF) at 5-6.

Coconut oil is beneficial for nails and hands

If you are attentive to the chemical composition of the product, it’s hard not to observe that the product is composed of 99.9 percent fats, the majority consisting of saturated fatty acids that determine the major effect. Incorporating it into the creams helps in nutrition absorption and bathing can have a positive impact on increasing the size of nails. This which strengthens the structure.

Coconut oil has many advantages for men

In the absence of any substance within the body could be the reason for a decrease in resilience to stress and a higher susceptibility to infections and viral illnesses due to the fact that the strong sexual sex needs oils of plant origin that do not build up in the body, even if we’re talking about moderate quantities. Included in the daily diet as a pure food or as a part of food items (salads or desserts, cakes, etc.) for those suffering from digestive disorders tract, aids in improving the health, and the normalization of brain, which increases the immunity and improves the quality of life during the seasons of spring and autumn vitamin a.

Coconut oil has many advantages for children

The component is present quite early in the menus for children prepared porridges for babies over 6 months typically include it in their compositions due to saturated fatty acids’ ability to regulate digestion and are not considered to be contraindicated in the disordered functioning of the digestive tract. The beneficial effect is only limited by individual intolerance, which manifests as reactions to the product. Children older than 6 months may be introduced to the product earlier since the product is appropriate to treat such issues like diaper rash and epidermal conditions.

Coconut oil and pregnancy: benefits

In the time of having a fetus, body of the fetus’s mother is pushed to the limit and requires regular intake of vitamin compounds. A balanced diet will be the basis for the complete development of the embryo. Fats are a vital component of nutrition for humans. Even though there is a risk (in excessive) from saturated acid, it is important to not cut them out of your diet as the lack of these elements can cause other negative consequences.

Methods to use during pregnancy women:

Externally – grooming treatment and products to prevent stretch marks;

Internally internally – suppression of heartburn, improvement of heart health as well as the brain.

If you take a tablespoon (can be split in three or two portions) at lunch, breakfast or dinner. This can alleviate the symptoms of toxicity, and also normalize the hormone background.

In all its advantages it is recommended that the use of inside be discussed in conjunction with your general physician or district physician.

Coconut oil: its use in cosmetology

The product, which just 5 years ago, was difficult to locate in the United States it is now found everywherebecause it’s extremely popular. There are products specifically designed for use in cosmetics including batters (suitable for people with dry skin).

Despite the many benefits however, it is important to remember that coconut oil, its advantages and disadvantages of which are inextricably linked and in certain instances, may be a problem that does not fix it and may even worsen the symptoms. The reason could be a lack of tolerance or incompatibility with the guidelines for the use of.

Optional ways to use them for purposes of cosmetics:

scrubs for face and body;




baths for feet and hand;

Care of the epidermis of the hands.

Although facial skin is not recommended for all however, for other areas of the body, this product could be an situation of emergency, such as the heels.

Coconut oil: How can you use it to treat hair

The product is able to replace normal conditioner, or be applied to dry hair without affecting the root zone It is recommended to apply a lubricant such as either yogurt or soy cream. The next step is to warm a plastic bag then a hat . It is not recommended to heat it up too much as the oil could melt, and the removal of the oil in this case can cause injury on the shaft of hair. It is best to keep it for at the least one hour. The recommended duration should be two hours.

This mask can help in resolving the following issues:

to provide a healthy appearance

increase development (then it is recommended that the component of milk needs to be massaged for at least for two minutes);

The brittleness of the skin;



Lack of shine.

Shea butter and coconut oil are able to be mixed?

The above ingredients can be combined and used to create an eye mask and lip balm. The first one is mostly composed of saturated fatty acids that are protective to the dermis. In the second one – oleic omega-9, the substance improves the absorption of nutrients, because of which the complex mixture, it acquires additional important properties.

Coconut oil can be used on the face

In this regard cosmetologists don’t recommend applying products in their original form because of its high comdogenicity. The saturated fats create a of film which “seals” the moisture in and blocks pores air to circulate. This is why after 2 or 3 treatments the amount of pimples and acne could increase. This is the most typical scenario for those with oily and combination skin types. This is why it’s better to incorporate the oil into creams or in conjunction with skincare masks.

To prevent taking risks you should create a mask that you’ll need:

If the dermis is a problem oil/3 tsp plus essential oil of tea tree along with the juice of a lemon (five drops each)+one egg’s white. egg;

fade – oil/1 teaspoon blue clay/teaspoon plus essential oil of orange (three drops);

Sensitive – oil 1 tsp plus wheat bread or one tablespoon of pulp plus warm milk, two tablespoons.

Coconut oil is a great oil to apply on your body

There are a variety of ways to utilize it: masks, scrubs lotions, scrubs. Apply it to a moist dermis according to the advice of cosmetologists. The inclusion of sea salt in the product can provide an exfoliating effect, which is why this blend is ideal for treating areas subject to epilation. Antibacterial properties say that this remedy can prevent the development of inflammation as well as acne, and soften the dermis.

It is widely known that coconut oil to help with tanning is a cost-effective product that enhances the effects, and also protects from the damaging consequences of sunlight (retention of 5 to 6 that’s an 80% filtering of sunlight). After sunbathing you should apply it only after 30 minutes after showering to stop redness and peeling.


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