Vegetable oils are used in a variety of areas of our daily lives. They’re rich in beneficial substances, and numerous research studies demonstrate their unquestionable value.

Coconut oil is the most commonly utilized and well-known oil. People living on regions where coconut palms flourish all over the world, the amazing properties of this product are known for quite a while. Let’s examine the important qualities of coconut oil along with its composition, and possible alternatives for its use.


The valuable vegetable oil can be extracted from the coconut pulp (copra) by two methods. Hot-pressing is the most popular method. It allows for the extraction of more of the product, but the rise in temperature that occurs during the process of pressing destroys some of the properties that make it useful. When using cold-pressing in contrast much of the oil is lost but its value is unbeatable. Even though only from one coconut is it possible to extract just one tenth of the amount of pulp’s oil It is still able to preserve its essential composition.


Coconut oil is nearly 100 percent comprised of a mixture of fat acids (polysaturated and monounsaturated polyphenols and derivatives). These acids are vital to the quality of functioning in the body, however the body doesn’t manufacture them, which is why they must be consumed frequently through food. Other components include macronutrients and vitamins:

Capric, palmitic, fatty acids, oleic, linoleic , and other;

macronutrients: calcium, phosphorus

vitamins A, C, E, K.

The energy content of 100g the product, 862 Kcal, or 3 607 kJ

Lauric acid 39-54 percent

Myristic acid 15-23 percent

The acid is a derivative of palmitic acid. It’s 10 percent

Oleic acid ~9%

Caprylic acid 6 1 %

Capric acid 5-10%

Stearic acid >5 percent

Linoleic acid ~3 %

Capric acid 1 percent


Experts say coconut pulp oil is an important plant miracle. One of the most important characteristics that coconut oil has is resistance to heat. Even in the event of a prolonged heating process the oil will not release carcinogenic chemicals, which implies it is suitable to use as food product.

The health benefits of the product are directly linked with the fat acids present in the composition of

Properties of Antibacterial and Antiviral. Coconut oil boosts the body’s defensesand fights against viruses and bacteria including those that cause seasonal influenza. It relieves the acute symptoms of the herpesvirus.

Antifungal effect. The preparations based on copra oil are great for treating skin disorders: nail and skin dermatitis Mycosis, psoriasis the fungus.

Antioxidant. This product combats free radicals and slows the natural process of aging.

Benefits to the digestive tract. The oil gently coats the walls of the stomach and intestines, improves digestion and absorption of macronutrients and vitamins.Anti-inflammatory properties can fight dysbacteriosis, gastritis, ulcers.

Support for the blood vessels and heart. The oil eliminates “bad” cholesterol, strengthens blood vessel walls and increases heart muscle strength and blood flow in brain vessels.

Hypoallergenic. Cosmetics that contain coconut oil are made for babies to can treat redness, diaper rash and itching, as well as smooth skin.


Because of the unique characteristics of coconut oil made from natural it can be utilized in many fields such as cosmetology, medicine, and food processing. Due to its accessibility, coconut oil, it can be employed at home, using it to skin care products and hair care products, and even in cooking.


It is a fact that in Thailand, Sri Lanka, the Philippine Islands and other Southeast Asian countries the coconut oil was a necessary ingredient in the local cuisine for many centuries. It’s still a new concept in the United States, however it is becoming more well-known. There is a distinction between refined and non-refined varieties in refined oils.

Unrefined oils have a unique taste, however it is rather mild in its flavor and aroma as per the opinion of people who consume it. It’s a wonderful ingredient for baking sweet items, cakes, pancakes and cheesecakes as well as pastries. Unrefined oils add a unique exotic flavor to dishes that are not sweetened.

Oil refined through refinement loses its distinctive flavor, but it retains certain of its beneficial properties. It is recommended to spice salads and stewed veggies, fry fish and meat, and include it in drinks and meals to boost their calorific value. Because of the hypoallergenic nature the oil, coconut oil could be beneficial in food items for children porridges, soups, purees. In the industrial process, purified butter is used in the production of spreads.

Anyone who is watching this figure needs be aware the fact that coconut oil has a high calorific (almost 1000 kcal for 100 grams) It is not advised to overdose on it.

A list of coconut products which can be used in cooking:

Nutiva, First-Press Coconut Oil

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Excellent for cooking with moderate temperature (up to 180 degrees Celsius) Spreading on bread, or making popcorn or vegetables. Butter is a healthy substitute for baking items.

Spectrum Culinary, Organic Cold Pressed Coconut Oil, Unrefined

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Coconut oil from organic sources is ideal to replace animal fats.

Buried Treasure, Liquid Nutrients, Coconut Oil

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The oil is a great alternative to regular oil for salad dressings and sauces and cooking as a source for healthy fat acids. The oil is not suitable for cooking because of its low boiling point. It is recommended to shake it prior to making use of it.


It is considered by cosmetologists to be the most effective. one treatment for troublesome dry, fading and dry skin due to the fact that it doesn’t block pores and is very gentle:

The skin is moisturized and soft, and there is a healing process for cracks

It helps reduce redness and inflammation and minimizes visible acne.

It helps to lighten the skin and helps prevent excessive pigmentation.

It helps protect the epidermis from ultraviolet rays of the sun, which is the reason why it’s included in sun protection products.

It is utilized in the production of masks, products for exfoliation as well as creams and serums. It’s absorbs well, making it an excellent massager that soothes problems areas such as dry heels, dry palms knees, elbows and knees.

We provide high-quality skin care products that are made of coconut oil, which is a natural ingredient:

Nature’s Bounty, Organic Coconut Oil

Organic coconut oil is the only one that leaves your looking hydrated, soft and smooth.

Alba Botanica, Softening Body Lotion with Coconut Oil

The lotion is made of only the purest of ingredients: coconut oil that has not been refined as well as coconut milk and aloe vera. It instantly delivers an incredible hydration level, a boost of antioxidants, and an increase of the caffeine-induced rejuvenation of skin. It is extremely moisturizer and non-allergenic.

Now Foods, Liquid Coconut Oil, pure rectified

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NOW Solutions Liquid Coconut Oil is an oil that offers prominent cosmetic advantages. It’s light enough to be absorbed quickly, providing hydration and not blocking pores. Our liquid coconut oil rectified is non-odorous and colorless. It is non-greasy and smooth. texture that is ideal for grooming tasks.


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