3-Stay Fit

Coconut oil is good for keeping you fit. It can make you feel fuller for longer periods of time. Coconut oil is believed to increase metabolism, which means you will burn more calories. Coconut oil should be consumed in a tablespoon per day. You shouldn’t consume more than this, and your body doesn’t need any other fats. Coconut oil, weighing 13.6g (g), is a high-calorie food that provides the equivalent of 121 calories. This is a lot more than butter or lard and just a little less than sunflower oils. Coconut oil can be consumed in many different ways, depending on your preferences.

Stir-fry Coconut oil can be used to replace vegetable oil or oil when you cook eggs, fish, meat, or other vegetables. You just need to grab a spoonful of coconut oil, and it will melt in the pan that you are using. Delicious and healthy!

Bakingsubstitute coconut oil for cow’s milk It adds great flavor to your desert, and it is lower in calories.

SmoothiesSmoothies can be a great way to consume coconut oil. You won’t even know it’s there if you mix it with your fruit. You’ll reap the amazing benefits of it.

SaladsCoconut oil can be added to salads directly to add a topping or you could blend them with sauces that are made from scratch.


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