25 ways to improve the strength of your hair

We are all faced with damaged, weak and brittle hair. That’s why I’ve compiled 25 helpful tips on how to improve your hair using the most natural method possible.

It appears that hair is falling out regardless of the method we use, and we aren’t sure how to get it to grow strong and healthy looking.

The most skilled hairdressers employ these techniques to remove hair that is the least brittle and split-end-ridden hair. Continue studying this post.

You may be suffering from hair that is brittle

Before you can learn the 25 ways to increase the strength of your hair, it is important to know how they work and why hair is vulnerable. These are the obvious signs:

Hair is often stuck to hair combs and brushes

The scalp of your hair is very sensitive when you are combing it and you feel a general bristles

If you have receding or unclear hairline that isn’t quite straight (especially in females)

If you’re a woman, may notice hair dripping down the toilet when doing the laundry

Hair with noticeable split ends, and it looks like a jumble of discarded and rotting flowers

How can you strengthen your hair: 25 helpful strategies

What causes hair to be weak?

  1. Hair dyes, chemicals and chemical compounds

Everybody knows that dyes and chemicals greatly weaken hair. The chemicals present in these products soften hair and make it softer by altering the chemical structure as well as the existing sulphur bridges that are present in the hair.

Repetitive straightening, perming, and coloring processes, particularly the use of harsh chemicals generally damage the hair irreparably. Don’t overdo these intense chemical treatments.

  1. Extreme heat

It isn’t a bad idea to use heating our hair from time to time often, and this is the case when we blow-dry our hair or in the case of women, when they are styled using heat devices and hair stylists.


You might be required to attend an important business meeting or wedding, or a professional occasion where your natural knots or curls might be unnatural, so you might need to make use of the services of a hot source.

Utilizing heat once in a while is okay. Over-exaggerating can definitely harm the hair. Heat tends to change the composition of keratin and the protein of which hair is made.

  1. Hair products for dry hair

The reason that the top hairdressers advise looking over the ingredients of your products and conducting research prior to making a purchase is because they are aware of the effects of using certain particular products more than other.

The products for dry hair can not only harm the hair, but likely impact your scalp and that’s not helping at all and makes it more brittle and dehydrated. This way, by using the correct products, you are certain to see the results that strengthens your hair.

  1. Hot water

It is strongly advised not to make use of hot water when washing your hair.

Professional hairstylists for instance would recommend using lukewarm water. The hot water isn’t ideal since it strips hair’s natural oils drying it out and eventually weakening it and also removing the beneficial fatty substances from the scalp.


  1. Avoid over-shampooing and excessive shampooing

The hair should be cleaned at least twice per week, which is excessive. The majority of top hairdressers advise washing your hair at least once each two weeks particularly when it’s chemically normal and free of problems.


It all depends on the natural characteristics of your hair. However, generally, it’s best to take it off less often. If you’re on the other side you have fine, oily hair, one option for strengthening it is to increase your diet by eating more natural food items.

  1. Hormones and genetics

Before you know how to build your hair, you must look over the cases, to determine if they may be genetic or triggered by hormonal changes within the body.

If you have this gene from your parents it may be difficult to make a change to address it, but it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attempt. The treatment of the hormonal issue can aid in creating hair that is nourished and more sculptural.


  1. Use styling to exaggerate

In case you are wearing your hair too tight of a fashion or keeping it in the same way can weaken it. This is because of the pressure on the ends getting pulled too tightly. This can be the case with hairstyles with tails that are high and pulled, or to creating 360-degree waves, which is a method of creating waves that are wavy and wavy which is fashionable for hairstyles that have afros.

  1. Friction using styling products

The act of rubbing your hair using towels after washing and sleeping on a pillowcase made of cotton or wearing caps and hats that aren’t slick enough could make your hair weaker because of excessive rubbing, and also loss of moisture because of the material that the hair is rub against. Be cautious when purchasing caps and hats that are soft!

  1. Smoking

Anything that’s bad for your health may be transferred into your hair and can cause serious harm on your hair.


It is now a fact and is applicable to all However, it shouldn’t be ignored for those who want to have good hair, and healthy bodies general. If you’re trying to build your hair and improve your overall health avoid smoking!


How can you strengthen your hair?

  1. Eat well and drink more water

Consuming the right food and drinking plenty of water is among the most effective methods to strengthen your hair and vitality. Consume foods that are that are rich with vitamins A C and E Omega-3, iron and protein, and drink about 2 to 3 three liters of water each every day. This will boost your physique, and will then help to improve your health as a whole while your hair’s condition will increase in strength.


  1. Cut the split ends in intervals from time to time

A majority of people do not cut their hair frequently and are inclined to put off cutting it often. What they don’t realize is the fact that split-ends do not stop naturally, but their length increases and can lead to the development of split ends as well as broken hair.


To eliminate split ends, and cutting your hair on a regular basis is the best option to guarantee the end of hair loss and the growth of hair that is stronger and more durable.


  1. Sleep on the back of a Silk Pillowcase and Pillow

Silk doesn’t have any way to soak up the sebum in your hair, which can cause hair loss, which can force you to buy certain shampoos. In contrast with cotton and other fabrics it is important to be cautious since they take in the natural oils of your hair. Dry hair is fragile and susceptible to breaking.


There will be a dramatic improvement in the strength of your hair if get your hair conditioned by sleeping on an appropriate pillowcase and an elegant silk pillow.


  1. Don’t mistreat your hair too much

The process of washing your hair is putting it to intense massages, shampoo as well as heat to dry it and possibly other chemicals to achieve the style and shape you desire.


Hair washing can leave it fresh and fragrant, which is certainly the case, however, it’s equally the case that frequent use of chemical cleanser can weaken the hair’s strands. The motion of rubbing during drying and washing is not advised if you’re trying to revive firm, full hair.


  1. Make sure your hair is hydrated

This should be engraved into your brain in big words using the black Sharpie. Dry hair is fragile and weak, and it can cause dry hair. Moisturizing your hair as well as your scalp ensures that it does not require water (yes it does, like plants).


This is good because hair will be stronger and the hair, which is clean and well-oiled are less susceptible to breaking. Many people add oil to their hair to hydrate it, making it shiny and soft. If you’re looking to make your hair stronger, you should then you should moisturize it.


  1. Avoid sources of heat like the plague

The effects of heat are known to weaken hair. The more your hair is exposed in the presence of heat the more weak it will become. Consider other ways to keep your hair dry and make use of only minimal heat to maintain the durability of your locks.

  1. Check about the INCI of hair products.

The sulfur-containing ingredients aren’t in the list of ingredients you’ll want to apply on your scalp. Do your best to avoid these substances. Research what’s best to your hair, and not. Then be very careful about the products you allow into your hair: silicones, SLS, parabens, and SLS and petrolatum are all ingredients you should stay out of the reach of your hair.

  1. Select your hairdresser with care

Everybody has hairdressers or barbers that we choose when seeking a certain style or would like our haircuts to be “on the mark”.

It is therefore crucial that you select someone who is knowledgeable about the ropes and has been to a reputable hair academy, if they can.

The products you are using as well as the method you wash your hair and the tools you employ and the techniques you employ to style your hair all affect how strong your hair is or weakens after each visit to your stylist. The stylist is your best investment for strengthening your hair.

  1. Use conditioner on a regular basis be sure to treat hair care with reverence

Every shampoo day should be accompanied by an excellent conditioner that is nourishing and will smooth your hair and make it simple to style, and to avoid the damage that is caused by hair that is tangled and knotted.

  1. Don’t go overboard with hairstyles.

There are times when I’ve seen hairstyles on the streets that were tight enough that people’s eyes got smaller and their foreheads were huge. Hairstyles that pull and strain on hair roots damage hair by weakening the hairline and hair roots. The hair can be “eaten to pieces” and appear unnatural. Relâche your styling and go for natural, unpretentious styles which will help improve your hair’s strength.

  1. Make use of brushes and combs made from high-quality materials

Plastic isn’t a popular choice by professional stylists, particularly for hair with natural texture. Purchase high-quality hair brushes as well as combs in order to be safe from damage that is caused by the frequent use of combs which tear and damage hair. Hair brushes made of fiber are the best , and they shape hair in a natural direction.


  1. Opt for organic and natural products

Make use of chemical hair dyes only when necessary.Going returning to nature hair, especially for women, realize it’s not an easy task considering how much work that you’ll need to put in for keeping your hair looking great and without any tiny touch ups. It’s definitely worth it since the odds of of your hair’s strands being affected are very low, even though it’s only a tiny percentage.


  1. Use protective and preventive styling

Wigs, braids and weaves and other hair accessories are a great way to boost your hair in the event that you’ve put your hair in extreme conditions for a prolonged period and are seeking to bring it to its original condition.


The use of braids and weaves can reduce the quantity of heat that you put on your hair as well as the frequency at which you need to wash your hair which is certainly good for you, particularly when you’re trying to figure out how to improve the strength of your hair.


  1. Beware of adverse weather conditions

Sun exposure, extreme winds and rain are a few of the conditions that weaken hair over a long period of time and will not aid in the goal of strengthening your hair. Be sure to reduce the length of time that you expose your hair to these weather conditions.


  1. Don’t comb your hair often.

Hair brushing will always remove strands of hair. Imagine doing this as many as 5 times per every day. Make sure to do your hair not more than two times a daily, if needed. To avoid brushing too much, make sure to keep your hair simple and tidy.


  1. Relax your scalp

Essential oils like Jojoba oil, coconut oil and olive oil, and many more can do wonders for your hair when applied on the scalp. Make sure to oil your hair frequently. The oil in your scalp causes hair to become greasy and, consequently, general health as well as the strength of your hair.



Keep in mind that strengthening your hair isn’t an art of science. All you have to know is how your hair’s weak spots look like. Also, understand what causes it and discover methods to remove the reasons for weakness that caused it in the first place. In no time , you’ll have a goodbye for your weak hair.


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